Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock

• Made by Joseph Slack, clockmaker, Ipstones, Staffordshire, England

• Made about 1800.

A standard eight day grandfather clock has two winding holes in the dial to facilitate its two weights and is wound with a key. As you look at the clock from the front, the weight on the left hand side is responsible for making it strike and the weight on the right hand side is responsible for making it go.

We wind our clock once a week and believe that an eight day clock is really a one week clock which allows you an extra day to wind it should you forget or are not available to wind it at the designated time on the designated weekly day.

The clock came to New Zealand in 1927 with the Trafford family. It was bequeathed to the Taupō Museum in 1982 by Miss Sheila Williams from Napier who also had a house in Taupō where she spent much time.

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