Māori short stick game


Maori stick games (Tī tī tōrea) consist of the rhythmic throwing and catching of sticks (Te Rakau) from person to person. Traditionally boys and young men used this game to increase dexterity and alertness, while girls and young women were thought to benefit from increased adroitness for poi and dances. During the throwing and catching process, a traditional Waiata (song) was chanted. The stick game waiata most familiar to New Zealanders is E Papa Waiari.

E Papa Waiari - Tune and Lyrics

  • E Papa Waiari

E Papa Waiari - Complex Version

  • "E Papa " - MAORI TITITOREA 's Dance

E papa Waiari - Basic Version

  • Te Rakau - E Papa Waiari (Maori Stick Game) Basic Version

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