Koekoeā / Long tailed Cuckoo

Koekoeā / Long-tailed Cuckoo

KOEKOEĀ Eudynamis taitensis

The koekoeā is very similar to the kārearea (New Zealand falcon) and is very predatory. They are unique because they lay their eggs in other song bird's nests such as the whitehead, brown creeper and yellowhead, after which the adult cuckoos take no further part in breeding. Koekoeā are usually first seen or heard in September or October. Their eggs are laid mostly in November and December.

They mainly eat invertebrates including lager species of cicadas, weta and stick insects. They also eat small bertebrates including eggs and nestlings taken from birds' nests and lizards.

Koekoeā / Long Tailed Cuckoo

  • Long Tailed Cuckoo (Koekoea)

  • Long-tailed Cuckoo (Koekoeā) calling - Mangawhero Forest