Primavera II

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A dynamic, multicolored geometric sculpture evokes a great bird's expansive wings.

The sculptor created Primavera II of welded aluminum and steel, which produces spirals and curves. She describes the result as "metaphors of evocative moments of natural happenings, such as the moment when a bird's wings begin to open, a pair of swirling dancers become archetypal lovers floating in space, [or] petals pull away from each other to form a blossom." (Seattle Times, December 2, 1992)

Artist: Roslyn Mazzilli

Medium: Powder-coated steel

Year: 1990

Did you know?

This work was the first public artwork purchased by the Mercer Island Arts Council.

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Where is it?

Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery, At the corner of SE 27th Street and 80th Ave SE