Downtown Streetscape-(In)visible Histories

One Sentence Description

Bronze inlay set into the sidewalk, depicting a map of Mercer Island including standard and artist-designed orienteering symbols.

Did You Know?

This bronze piece incorporates references to Island history including: earthquake-created ancient sunken forests reportedly at each end of the Island; the legendary, settler-described “mercer mud” in marshy locations on the Island; the site of the past logging “skid road”; and the sites of Person Dairy.

Artist: T. Ellen Sollod

Medium: Bronze set into concrete

Date: 1994

About the Artist

Sollod is a maker of large-scale public art. Through her work, she aims to engage her audience in awareness. Her art is inspired by social, political, historical and environmental conditions and is site-specific: “My public work is often informed by hidden histories, a community's aspirations or its ecology.”

Fun Facts

In 1994, the City created an Art Plan for the redevelopment of the Island’s town center and commissioned Sollod to create art elements woven throughout the town center that reflect its historic origins and embody a sense of local pride in the Island’s unique character. (In)visible Histories is a part of this Downtown Streetscape Project.

Connected Stories

Other Sollod works that are a part of the Downtown Streetscape Project:

Downtown Streetscape – Tree Grates – 1994, lining SE 27th St, 77th Ave SE, and 78th Ave SE between SE 27th St and SE 32nd St.

Downtown Streetscape – Milk Bottles – 1994, 78th Ave SE, west side just north of SE 32nd St.

Downtown Streetscape – Street Name Inlays – 1994, intersection corners, from 77th Ave SE & SE 32nd St and 78th Ave SE & SE 32nd St, north to SE 27th St.

Downtown Streetscape – Horseshoe – 1994, 78th Ave SE, east side, north of SE 30th St.

Downtown Streetscape –Gateway Ribbons– 1994, 78th Ave SE, at SE 27th St and SE 32nd St.

Downtown Streetscape – History of Transport/Conveyance by Time – 1994, SE 27th St, south side, west of 77th Ave SE

Where Is It?

77th Ave SE, West side, North of SE 29th St.