A metal pedestal cradles a hook-like sculpture in this abstract piece. Of his practice, the artist notes:

The most important thing, for me, in making art is to be part of the process from beginning to end. Sketching; sculpting models; carving maquettes; cutting, chiseling, flaming, texturing, and polishing the stone - it’s all my own work. Knowing the life story of a piece and the energy that goes into it is important.

Artist: Pasha Stinson

Medium: Persian travertine

Year: 2007

Art for Purchase

Price: $12,000

Purchase Information

To purchase this sculpture, call 206.275.7609 or email

Where is it?

Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery, Located along the I-90 Corridor on Sunset Highway between 77th Ave SE and 80th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040, USA