How do I book a Private Live Tour?

Visit www.miamisbestgraffitiguide.com to book your tour or call us directly at (786) 282-2951 for a one of a kind experience of Wynwood.

How do artists get a wall to paint?

Artists can either be solicited by the property/business owner or a wall can be rented for commercial use. There are also mural festivals that work in conjunction with property owners to be able to use their walls to showcase art.

Who chooses what walls get painted?

For mural festivals the art director allocates which artists will paint each wall. A business for property owner can have anyone paint there wall the they choose.

How long does it typically take to paint a mural?

The time varies per artist and size of wall. Other variables such as weather, social activity with the artist during the painting process, and if the artist has any art assistants. However, a mural can take anywhere between one full day to a week or so.

How do artists get paint?

For mural festivals and commission work, the paint is customarily provided to the artists for free or included in the rate for their work. For all personal projects you can buy paint online or an art supply store.

Are artists paid to paint murals?

Yes. Although some murals are a labor of love (i.e. the "Boombox" by TREK6 and ISHMAEL) in which artists will work for free to accomplish a piece or mural.

How much does paint cost?

Over the years, the quality of paint has improved drastically. This has driven up prices, making the average price for spray paint around $6.50 USD.

Are there other areas like Wynwood around the world?

Most major metropolitan cities have an art district, however Miami's is the largest in the world. Though there are other large outdoor art neighborhoods globally, there is no other area with the caliber of murals painted by internationally recognized artists as Wynwood.