An area for each denomination

Areas for each

Different denominations (churches within the same religion) have varying approaches to how they are organised and how their people worship.

Five separate cemeteries were laid out here, for different religious communities’ burials.

There were Anglican, Catholic, Jewish, Presbyterian, and General (which included Weselyans and Methodists) cemeteries.

The open space in front of the Presbyterian and Jewish cemeteries is unofficially known as Pigeon Park, and was part of the area allocated for Jewish burials, but this part was never used as a cemetery.

Nineteenth century society in New Zealand was structured along denominational lines. What church you belonged to had a major influence on your status, your connections, your opportunities. That’s why this cemetery was so clearly divided into denominational areas. They reflected the ratio of people of different churches in Auckland at the time. Influence meant the Anglicans got the biggest site. Presbyterians were initially dissatisfied with their allotment, saying it had the poorest views (reported the Daily Southern Cross newspaper, 4 June 1844).


  • <p>Map of the cemetery, showing the different parts of the cemetery and the areas that were lost when the motorway was built (grey).</p>