Presbyterians: in between

Presbyterian section

Not everyone was happy

The power structure of mid-19th century Auckland meant that Anglicans got the first choice, and the biggest section – and not everyone was pleased.

“…some of the Presbyterians were displeased with the ground attached to them, perhaps they did not like the situation. They wished for a more romantic spot, and they fixed upon a little valley having two or three beautiful trees and a small stream of water running through it; this place was refused to them, and they quarreled with the Surveyor General.”

- Daily Southern Cross, 4 June 1844

The more regular design of the Presbyterian part of the cemetery (as compared to the wilder aspect of the Anglican section), reflects the philosophies of John Claudius Loudon as laid out in his influential1843 book On the Laying Out, Planting and Managing of Cemeteries.

Presbyterian and Catholic - what's the difference?

While both of these Christian churches accept the word of the Bible, the Catholic church maintains that the traditions of the church itself also contribute to authority. Presbyterians believe the constructs of humankind must always be subservient to the word of God as it appears in the Bible.

A visible difference between Catholic and Presbyterian churches is in their design. Catholic Churches display examples of human artistry – sculptures and paintings – as celebrations of God-given abilities. Presbyterian Churches reflect a more humble approach, and are generally less adorned.

Where is the Presbyterian section?

Symonds St, Auckland, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Images and maps

  • <p>Looking south from Partington's Windmill towards Mount Eden with Symonds Street on the left and the Presbyearian cemetery at centre, 8 Oct 1923. <em>Henry Winkelmann, Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 1-W414.</em></p>
  • <p>Map of the Presbyterian section. </p><p>From the Auckland Libraries collection. The originals of the maps are located in Sir George Grey Special Collections as part of manuscript NZMS 1363.</p>