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Trail Guides

There are four trails you can follow through the Symonds Street cemetery:

- The Rose Trail (30 minutes, through the Jewish, Presbyterian and Catholic sections, and including the Catholic Memorial)

- Hobson's Walk (45 minutes, top of Anglican section, including the Anglican Memorial and Hobson's grave)

- Bishop Selwyn's path (45 minutes to one hour, middle part of the Anglican section)

- Waiparuru Nature Trail (45 minutes to one hour, lower parts of the gully, through the urban forest)

The Trail Guides will lead you to interesting graves, and help you uncover some of the fascinating history of the cemetery and the surrounding area.

The Trail Guides can be downloaded as A4 size PDF from the Auckland Council website, or you can click the links below to access them directly.

Video tours

  • Symonds Street Cemetery - The Rose Trail | Auckland Council

  • Anglican section of Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand