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Your space rocket has crash landed on an alien planet – how will you survive? What will you eat and how will you breathe?

Pick up a Mission Sheet from Mission Control at the Visitor Centre to start your space mission! When you've completed it, fill in the competition entry form to win a year-long family pass to MOTAT or Stardome Observatory & Planetarium.

Follow the planet signs along our Solar System Walk to discover more about our solar system, and use this STQRY app to discover fun videos, facts and space jokes!

Here's how to make the most of your visit:

- Pick up a Mission Sheet and visit the crash landed rocket!

- Take an astronaut selfie,

- check out the experiments in the science lab to learn how plants are the key to life on an alien planet,

- play fun games in our kids International Space Station,

- add to our Future Plants wall and take a Solar System Walk.

- Watch our website for fun events and activities such as star gazing, solar gazing and more!

Life on an alien planet is tenuous, and the answer to surviving in this harsh environment is plants! Plants are life.

This summer, join us for Gardeners of the galaxy and enjoy being an astronaut as you explore the tools needed for survival on an alien planet. Plants are vital for food, for creating oxygen, for recycling carbon dioxide and for our very well being. Find out how plants are the key to survival in this fun summer theme.

Brought to you by the Auckland Botanic Gardens and Auckland Council in association with Stardome, MOTAT, Hyalite and the Auckland Astronomical Society.

Mission Sheet - pick one up at Mission Control

  • <p>Have you picked up your Mission Sheet? They can be found at Mission Control in the Visitor Centre. Start your space mission and have fun!</p>

Gardeners of the galaxy partner organisations

  • <p>Hyalite - one stop hydroponic shop.<br>https://hyalitehydroponics.com/</p>
  • <p>Museum of Transport and Technology Auckland.</p><p>https://www.motat.org.nz/</p>
  • <p>Stardome Observatory &amp; Planetarium</p><p>https://www.stardome.org.nz/</p>
  • <p>Auckland Astronomical Society.</p><p>https://www.astronomy.org.nz/new/public/default.aspx</p>