10. Neptune (Tangaroa): a gas giant

Did you know?

  • <p>Neptune (Tangaroa) is a gas giant, just like Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus but it's the smallest of the group. Neptune's diameter is approximately 49,500km.</p><p>Neptune is a very windy planet. The wind speeds recorded on Neptune have reached as high as 2,100 km/h. That’s more than five times faster than the fastest wind speed recorded on Earth.</p>

Wanna be an astronaut?

NASA looking for NZ interns

September 2018

"The word is out: Nasa wants four Kiwi students to join their team.

The New Zealand Space Agency is teaming up with the US space organisation to find high-achieving tertiary students keen to participate in their international internship programme.

It's a "highly competitive programme" with just five weeks open to apply but if successful, the New Zealand representatives will work alongside experts in Nasa's United States research facilities in California.

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Will Smith calls the Space Station

  • Will Smith calls THE SPACE STATION!!

Space joke

Q: What time do astronauts eat?

A: At launch time.