Puzzle Centre

Interesting facts

In 1978, realising that customers who had finished the maze had nothing to do while waiting for their family or friends to follow them out, Stuart & Jan Landsborough added a room with a table and a few puzzles to play with.

A maze is, after all just a giant puzzle, so the theme was perfect - the Puzzle Centre concept was born!

Over the course of forty years the Puzzle Centre has expanded five times to allow for more room for an ever-growing customer base (34,200 in 1978 to 200,500 in 2018)

Most of the puzzles on the tables are manufactured in NZ often using native timber and highly durable parts (they need to be for our Puzzle Centre usage!)

All staff are trained in solving all the table puzzles - give it a go for yourself but if you want help, we're here for you!