The Leaning Tower of Wanaka

Interesting facts

In 1999 to complement the Tumbling Towers at the opposite end of the lawn (and to provide an even more startling drawcard for passing traffic) Stuart Landsborough unveiled his Leaning Tower of Wanaka.

Tilted at 53° and precariously perched on one corner this is the world's most inclined tower and leans an astonishing 47° further than it's more renowned counterpart, The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Under the Leaning Tower sits two five ton layers of concrete, one laying on top of the other with a layer of sand between and a massive hinge fused into each of the layers.

The Tower was installed by a crane in an upright position before being slowly winched down (using the hinge) and setting the final position in concrete.

As a novel way to celebrate the new millenium, a backwards running clock was added to the face of the tower. Find the plaque on the base - are we going back in time?!

The popularity of photo opportunities at all hours of the day sadly did have one major casualty. The mini golf course enjoyed on the front lawn for over 25 years was closed down shortly after the tower was launched.