The Great Maze

Interesting facts

This is the world’s first “modern” styled maze – a modular design with “gates” & “valves” built in to ease congestion

Until this maze, all others in the world were generally designed using random patterns and made of organic material (hedges, corn, rocks etc..)

Wood as a medium meant Stuart could study people’s movements and adjust the design to make it the right level of difficulty – thus, the design is perhaps the world’s first to be created on psychological principles

The Great Maze measures 1.5 km in length but most people would walk between 3 and 5 kms to complete the maze. Emergency doors are available for those with little time, energy or patience!

Over the course of the 1980's Stuart designed twenty five mazes of a similar style in Japan, USA, Australia and South Africa. Some designs, like the Super Maze he built for Auckland's Rainbows End theme park were 3 stories high and could hold over 1,500 people at a time!

The record for completing the Maze (classic challenge) is 6min 53secs set by Bradley Simpson + Sons, Wanaka (11/10/2022)