Sculptillusion Gallery

Interesting facts

This is Puzzling World’s newest illusion room, opened in December 2012

Many of these sculptures work on various perception tricks to fool your brain into seeing something that’s not really present! Figure/Ground, Top down, Perceptual Drift and Gaze Detection are all used to “read” these awesome examples of three-dimensional creativity!

Most sculptures are from Wanaka-based artists with notable exceptions like Derek Ball (Nelson) and Weta Workshops (the Wellington-based studio famous for its work on Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Avatar, Planet of the Apes etc.)

Illusions have been incorporated into the building's architecture – stone carpet, illusion columns, wave ceiling, flowing steps etc to offer truly floor-to-ceiling wonder!

Some are best viewed through one eye or through your camera to exclude any “visual noise” from around the sculpture.

This building won several Gold & Category titles at the 2014 NZ Commercial Building Awards and is a popular function venue.

Check out our latest addition to this room - A new exhibition, “Un-useless” - celebrating what might be described as “genius stupidity” With a steam-powered walking stick, Umbrella Shoes, a Multi-Tool glove, a 2-Way Scooter and many more items, we ask the question - how would that ever work?!