Roman Toilets

Interesting facts

In 2000 to cater for larger crowds and to add to the unique "puzzling eccentricity" theme Stuart Landsborough was keenly promoting, a new toilet block was added that has become an illusionary icon of the business.

Harking back to visit to Roman fort ruins in the north of England, Stuart (& new wife, Coleen) created a tapering room with foreground props and building materials merging seamlessly into a background mural, or diorama.

The artwork was painted by a newly post-graduate student from Dunedin named Sam Foley who has gone on to win many major art awards.

This room has played host to a wedding and can claim to be possibly the most photographed public toilet in NZ!

Enter the male/female toilets and look at the toilet seats - more illusion novelty is on show with poly-resin seats that include such items as bottle caps, toy butterflies, barbed wire, money and an array of trinkets inlaid into the seat and lids!