1. Howick Information Centre

  • <p>The Howick Information Centre is your start and end point for the 'Main Street Stroll' tour. You'll find plenty of additional material about Howick's Heritage in the information Centre.</p>
  • <p>A proposal in 1960 for a bigger town hall and community centre on this site.  Ratepayers rejected the scheme because of the expense. Only the round library (now the Information centre) and the Plunket rooms were built.</p>
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1. Howick Information Centre

First footsteps within fascinating history

Start this tour at the Howick Information Centre at 115 Picton Street and walk towards three-way corner of Picton, Cook and Selwyn Streets, opposite All Saints Church.

Welcome to a short walking tour of the main street of historic Howick. This will take around 40 minutes.

You’ll be introduced to the fascinating history of Howick – a town created in the mid 19th century by ‘The Fencibles’, who were ‘settler-soldiers’ (and their families) brought to New Zealand to support the British side against Maori people in the New Zealand Wars.

Now part of greater Auckland, Howick was once a distinct country community, with a not-always-easy connection to Auckland. A proper concrete road between the two was opened in 1931.

Street names in Howick follow a particular theme. See the STQRY app for more.

The Howick Information Centre can provide you with additional information and community news about this special part of Auckland.

The Information Centre was built with community fundraising, as the foyer for a much bigger town centre - which was never completed.

Other community hubs in Howick are shown in the STQRY app.

Greys Folly, a comprehensive history of the Howick area, by local writer Alan La Roche is available at the Readaway Bookshop and Howick Library.

Click on the map icon in the top right hand corner to view the points of interest along the way.

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