Port of Seattle (SeaTac)

Operated by the Port of Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is the 9th busiest airport in U.S. and 40th largest international airport.

Art at Sea-Tac Airport

Our art collection features some of the finest contemporary work in glass, sculpture, photography, painting and sound. The region's diversity is well-represented through European, all-American, Asian, Northwest Native American and folk-art influences. Some of the works are by 20th century artists of great renown, such as Frank Stella, Louise Nevelson and Robert Rauschenberg. Many more are by regional and emerging artists who vitalize the collection with wit, charm, beauty and occasional irreverence.

Please take time to explore and enjoy the visual feast here at Sea-Tac Airport. You can also learn more about the history of our art program, the artists, and their works at the Port’s website below!

The Port of Seattle

The Port of Seattle plays a key role in bringing international trade, transportation and travel to the Pacific Northwest, and supports industries as diverse as tourism and commercial fishing. The Port is also a key builder of road and rail infrastructure, partnering with other agencies to improve freight traffic from Tacoma to Everett.

The Port owns and operates the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – the nation’s 9th busiest – serving more than 45.7 million passengers in 2016. Sea-Tac's Air Cargo operations rank 21st in the U.S. Our passenger cruise terminals at Pier 66 and Smith Cove Terminal handled 202 ship calls and an estimated 934,900 passengers during the 2012 season.

Walking Tour

Take a self-guided walking tour of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s diverse Northwest inspired public art. Locals, visitors, and anyone with a few minutes or a couple of hours to spare can find some inspiration in this collection. We invite you to take a healthy walk and discover some of our art!

17801 International Boulevard, Seattle, Washington 98158, United States