7. Farming and fishing history of Waiheke Island

A quiet haven in early settler times.

The valley around Matiatia Bay was the centre of a once-expansive farm. The bay was visited by yachting folk in the late 1800s-early1900s, but ironically was one of the more remote places on Waiheke then.

The bays at the far eastern end of the island, and Ostend and Surfdale had wharves functioning before Matiatia.

In the early days of European settlement, farming developed as quickly at the eastern end of the island - being on a shipping route to the Coromandel and beyond, it (the 'Far End') was equally accessible then.

The biggest single farm on thre island is now Man O' War Bay Station, at the north eastern tip of Waiheke.

Most of the other big farms have gone, cut up into smaller units, lifestyle blocks, olive grove and vineyards.