Millennium Plaza


Kent Commons 525 4th Ave N Kent, WA 98032


The Millennium Plaza consists of a sundial, a collection of small pyramids, a concrete block surrounded growing shrubs, and a large pyramid containing time capsules fill the space. Like many of Kent’s public art projects, Millennium Plaza called for community input during every stage of the process. In 2001, community members wrote letters to the future, which were compiled into a book and included in the time capsule along with items gathered the eight member Time Capsule Committee. This capsule is to be opened in 2112. A children’s time capsule was put together 1st graders at East Hill Elementary and will be opened in 2012 for the students’ high school graduation. At that time, another school’s kindergarten students will be selected to re-fill the time capsule.


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Laura Haddad is an environmental artist and landscape architect based in Seattle, WA. Her work is about phenomenology and perception. She combines her background in art, theater, and landscape to create work that is both spatial and sculptural, and is interested in hybrid landscapes that perform aesthetically, functionally, and ecologically. To see more work by this artist in the area, please visit Connected Stories below.

Millennium Plaza

The Millennium Plaza is divided into four game board-like squares, each with a separate but related sculpture.