Lullaby for Rookery


As twilight arrives, we’ll process from the Night Market, along the Central Connector, past Luke Mc Redmond Park, and into the stand of noble Douglas Firs where the great blue herons once nested.

The Heron Rookery is filled with beds and blankets, and a small stage sits at its center. Above, an incandescent canopy of “stars” fill the skies. The work includes a small waltz orchestra. and eventide blessings by Horse Mothers, Grandmother Owls, and the Clock Family.

Join the menagerie of Lullaby Moon in a primordial evergreen rite, celebrating nature in an urban environment, followed by the Full Moon Ball.


Water Elements: An installation of five 8’ tall baby swans, a tiny canopy, and lighting elements along the Sammamish Slough, from the bridge at Luke Mc Redmond Landing toward Dudley Carter Park.

Lantern Installation: An installation of lanterns at Luke Mc Redmond Park. Hundreds of lanterns will be hung from four 18’ tall Golden Trees.

Lighting Installation: Star Lights – up to 50’ high will create a new constellation over the City of Redmond. (Sammamish River Trail, Central Connector, Heron Rookery.

Central Connector Activation: Large canopy bed with performers in it near The Signals.

Lantern Processional: At 8:15pm ensembles of Sleepyheads and Ambassadors will lead a lantern processional along the Central Connector and Sammamish River Trail to the Heron Rookery via Dudley Carter Park and the Heron Rookery Pathway.

Lullaby Moon Performance: The nighttime jubilee culminates at 8:40pm when the luminous menagerie of Lullaby Moon performs a primordial evergreen rite in the Heron Rookery. Audience members are invited to enjoy the performance while tucked into beds and rocking chairs within our dream theater.

Moon Ball: Audiences are invited to wear white and dance under the light of the nearly full moon at an other-wordly Moon Ball in the Heron Rookery, featuring a full dance orchestra. The Moon Ball begins just after the Lullaby Moon performance and continues till 10pm (TBD). A dance floor may be used in the Heron Rookery.

Artist: Lucia Neare

Date: August 27, 2015

Medium: Participatory Theatrical Performance


Bear Creek Pkwy, Redmond, WA 98052, USA