Fantail Bird


Youthful images look out over the Redmond Senior Center Auditorium. The fanciful bird looks over its shoulder at three faces which Carter identified as two girls and a boy. Carter also incorporated three birds, from left, an owl, raven and wood pecker, along with three plants forms. When he was 98, the City of Redmond commissioned Dudley to create a work for the Redmond Senior Center. Dudley, a generation older than most of the people who would frequent the center, figured that seniors would prefer to see something of their childhood over troubles of old age. He envisioned a fanciful creature he called Fantail Bird. Incorporated in the imaginative bird are symbols of youth, life, and growth: three young faces, three birds and three plant forms. Some see the work as evocative of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Others believe that by combining images of people and nature in one large, lively composition, Dudley conveys advice he frequently verbalized: if we respect our connection with nature and live the way nature intends us to live, we can remain youthful even into old age. Fantail Bird perches proudly over the main doors in the Center’s auditorium.


Artist: Dudley Carter

Date: 1989

Dimensions: 8'6"x13'x8"

Medium: Carved Western Red Cedar

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