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About the Bench

The Story of Sandy and Massey's Supermarket

About Sandy

Sandy has been a beloved figure in Auburn for over half a century. Originally sitting in front of Massey’s supermarket on East Main Street, this ten cent ride delighted a generation of children. Sandy now resides in the White River Valley Museum and if you are not taller than her ears you can still enjoy a ride on this piece of Auburn history!

About Massey’s:

In 1946, Dahlgren & Massey’s Food Market opened its doors to huge crowds of people and great anticipation. With the only paved parking lot and largest floor plan of any market on the West coast, the store was an innovative and exciting venture. Newspapers boasted “the most progressive market in the country,” featuring novelties like homogenized milk, a room dedicated fully to the ripening of tomatoes, a porcelain-lined meat refrigerator, and full candy and lunch counters.

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