Duvaucel’s gecko

Did you know?

Duvaucel’s gecko forage on the ground and eat insects, including large puriri moths and weta. Scales on their feet enable them to grip vertical surfaces, allowing them to climb trees, and in captivity to climb glass.

Where we live

In the wild they are found on NZ’s predator-free offshore islands. Nocturnal, they shelter during the day and hunt at night. Their colouring and body patterns provides disruptive camouflage, concealing their presence.

How to find me

These geckos forage on the ground and in trees. Due to their size we do not house the adult geckos with other lizards.

Help us survive

Control pest mammals on your property and/or assist in predator control programmes in local lizard habitats.

Duvaucel’s gecko

This gecko is NZ's largest gecko, with specimens recorded up to 30cm long and weighing in at 120g.