Green Gecko

Did you know?

Geckos fill an important role in the forest by helping pollinate plants including pohutakawa. Green geckos give birth to live young and can live for 30-40 years. They communicate by squeaking and barking and their green leaf-like colour provides protection from hunting birds.

At the Zoo

Green geckos have several subspecies and they all differ slightly according to the region they come from. Hamilton Zoo holds the Northland sub species.

Where we live

Green geckos are diurnal so they are active during the day. You will usually find them among the branches. They are prize climbers and they use their tail to help them scale trees.

Help us survive

Provide a habitat for geckos

You can encourage geckos to visit your garden by providing heaps of rocks and large areas of dense shrubs, e.g. coprosma spp. and muehlenbeckia spp. These will provide safe cover and fruit to attract insects for the geckos to feed on.

Green Gecko

Geckos don't have eyelids, so they keep their eyeballs moist and clean them by licking them! Neat eh.