Robust skink

Did you know?

Robust skinks feed on fruit and all types of insects.

Where we live

In the wild

The robust skink was once found throughout much of the North Island and on many offshore islands. Today, natural populations are found on just six small islands around the northern North Island which are free of all introduced predators.

At Hamilton Zoo

We have one group of five by themselves - a female and four others (gender unknown). The male and one other (gender unknown)are housed with a forest gecko and green geckos.

How to find me

Robust skinks are poor climbers so look for them amongst the leaf litter. They are nocturnal but will sometimes bask in the sun, usually in the morning.

Help us survive

The robust skink has been the focus of a significant amount of conservation action. Rodents were removed from islands with suitable habitat for the robust skink, and skinks were then translocated to the now predator-free islands. Of the six small islands where natural populations of robust skinks occur, three are reserves where access can be controlled and another is protected by its extreme inaccessibility.

Robust skink

The robust skink is a very thick-set animal in all proportions.