Forest gecko

Did you know?

The forest gecko is also known as the long-toed gecko. It can change the intensity of its colours to blend into the background.

Where we live

Its habitat is in forest or scrub such as manuka where it hides under logs, stones or the loose bark of trees.

How to find me

The forest gecko is mostly nocturnal but does like to sunbathe so it’s occasionally seen catching some sun. It’s usually very well camouflaged on a sunny tree trunk or branch, where it looks just like the bark it’s resting on. You may also find it in the top corners of the enclosure.

Help us survive

Geckos really thrive in heavily planted areas, so native planting with ground cover will definitely encourage them. They are easy prey for cats, so make your cat lizard-friendly.

Forest gecko

Common in native forests but very difficult to find!