Dale Chihuly at TAM

Chihuly in his Hometown

In celebration of world-renowned glass artist and Tacoma-native Dale Chihuly, we have given our extensive permanent collection of Chihuly glass a gallery of its own. Tacoma Art Museum was the first museum in the region to present a juried exhibition of glass art. Since then, the museum has continued to collect and display extraordinary glass works from Northwest artists. In 1990, Dale Chihuly presented Tacoma Art Museum with a gift of more than 30 sculptures and drawings in honor of his father and brother. He has continued to build the museum’s collection while also generously donating his time and art to the City of Tacoma. Today, Tacoma boasts more installations of Chihuly’s artwork than any other city in the world.

This permanent display of glass artworks by Tacoma native Dale Chihuly is the premier collection of the artist's work on public long-term display, dating 1977 to present. The collection features examples from many of the artist's major series including Baskets, Sea Forms, Cylinders, Macchia, Persians, and Venetians. During the warmer summer and fall months, see Ma Chihuly's Floats, an installation of Niijima Floats installed on Richard Rhodes' stone wave.

A Sneak Peek at Chihuly's Work

  • <p>Gallery view of <em>Dale Chihuly at Tacoma Art Museum</em>.</p>
  • <p>Dale Chihuly, Assorted glass works from the <em>Cylinders</em> and <em>Macchia</em> series, ranging from 1983 to 2008.</p>
  • <p>Dale Chihuly, Assorted glass works from the <em>Ikebana</em> and <em>Venetians</em> series, ranging from 1991 to 2002.</p>
  • <p>Dale Chihuly, <em>Golden Macchia Pair</em>, 1994. Blown glass, 25 x 26 ⅜ x 17 ¾ inches. Gift of Anne Gould Hauberg, 2013.12.1 A‑B.</p>
  • 302 Collection Overview, Ikebana, Putti

  • 303 Working in a Series

  • 304 Displaying Chihuly's Work

  • 305 Venetian Series

  • 306 Baskets, Cylinders, Macchia

  • 307 Basket Series

  • 308 Drawing on Cylinders

  • 309 Macchia Series

  • 310 Seaforms, Baskets, Persians

Dale Chihuly at TAM

Come and see the premier collection of Dale Chihuly's work on public long-term display in his hometown.

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