Greta Hackett

About Greta Hackett

Margaret “Greta” Hackett (May 31, 1933 – August 11, 1997)

Greta Hackett, devoted Mercer Island community and arts patron, was the driving force behind this outdoor sculpture gallery. After visiting similar galleries and sculpture gardens abroad, Greta thought an art park on the Island would not only enhance the town center landscape and bring more art to the public but also enrich the Island’s sense of community. Greta’s tireless efforts, along with those of a citizen Artway Task Force, culminated in the opening of the gallery in 1995. She went on to chair the Arts Council’s Outdoor Gallery Committee for several years.

In addition to her service to the arts on the Island, Greta was involved throughout the community. She served as PTA president at all levels in the Mercer Island schools and worked on several school levy campaigns. Greta was also an active member of the Mercer Island Community Fund board of directors. In 1996, the Mercer Island Rotary Club awarded Greta the highest honor of the Paul Harris Fellow.