Rippling Water


1,008 moving mirrors create a constantly changing visual experience, like sunlight on moving water.

According to the artist, “The sculpture poses questions about perception: What is the difference between similar visual experiences? Why does this kind of visual experience captivate us?” She encourages viewers to become aware of how they gather information with all senses and how visual effects fascinate and evoke ideation.

This work originally appeared in the ongoing Heaven and Earth series at Carkeek Park in Seattle and is the third in a series of works by the artist that utilize kinetic mirrors.

Artist: Ingrid Lahti

Medium: Stainless steel (15' x 21" x 21")

Year: 2016

About the Artist

Ingrid Lahti is a Northwest artist who explores natural metaphors through sculpture, installation, printmaking, and video. With her works, she aims to remind viewers of their connection to the natural world:

We humans see and feel through physical bodies that evolved over millions of years. My [works] can bring viewers’ attention to the way perception is embodied, rather than [restricting their experience] to vision and the intellect. I elicit this fuller perceptual response with the scale of my artworks as well as…their foundation in natural metaphors.

Lahti earned a BA from Reed College, a BFA from Cornish College, a MFA from the University of Washington, and a certificate in Public Art from Bellevue College. She has exhibited locally and nationally since 1986, and she has received several awards and grants, including the Betty Bowen Award from the Seattle Art Museum and a City Artist Projects Grant from the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. Her works are permanently installed in the City of Auburn’s public art collection and at Sound Transit’s Convention Center Station in Tacoma, among others.

Art for Purchase

Price: $38,000

Purchase Information

To purchase this sculpture, call 206.275.7609 or email

Where is it?

Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery, Located along the I-90 Corridor on Sunset Highway between 77th Ave SE and 80th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040, USA