Two figures cling to each other, as if in a balancing act.

The artist says of her work: My work creates a sense of movement, of energy going in different directions at the same time, like the wind creating a vibration as it blows through vegetation. It is all about movement and transformation. There is a spiritual/physical dichotomy about it that causes interaction on a personal level. I seek to inspire observers and stimulate imaginative thought, as well as to affirm the human experience.

Artist: Louise McDowell

Medium: Bronze

Year: 2004

About the Artist

Seattle artist Louise McDowell explores the dynamism of human and animal forms. Her sculptures portray how people react to a spectrum of realities – simple, ordinary moments of pleasure and discovery, crushingly powerful socio-political events, transcendent and triumphant experiences. Growing up in New York City, Louise was influenced by the cultural diversity of big city life, but, when her first teaching position took her to Kodiak, Alaska, she disocvered her love and affinity for the natural environment. On sabbatical in 1995 she studied salmon and the salmon peoples of the Pacific Northwest and abroad. This year-long exploration connected her with the histories, myths, customs, and artwork of the salmon peoples up the coast of Washington, British Columbia, and the Queen Charlotte Islands. These influences can be seen in many of her recent sculptures.

Art for Purchase

Price: $20,000

Purchase Information

To purchase this sculpture, call 206.275.7609 or email

Where is it?

Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery, Located along the I-90 Corridor on Sunset Highway between 77th Ave SE and 80th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040, USA