Reclining Woman

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The abstract figure statue, titled Reclining Woman, was created by Gizel Berman and donated to the City by Gian-Emilio Chatrian, who lived on the Island for over 30 years. Gizel Berman was a long-time island resident and a well-known artist. A survivor of the Nazi death camps of World War II, Berman became a Mercer Island sculptor whose works demanded that everyone remember that terrible time so it wouldn’t happen again. It was here, in the Northwest, Gizel Berman discovered her art.

Artist: Gizel Berman

Medium: Bronze

Date: 1983

Installed in 2002

Connected Stories

– Her most famous piece on Mercer Island is the Holocaust Memorial in the courtyard of the Jewish Community Center

– She also is the artist Fire Flower that is located at the Farmer’s Insurance Building on Mercer Island.– A smaller replica of the Berman Holocaust Memorial is in the art collection maintained by Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Authority in Jerusalem.

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The piece is installed in Mercerdale Park next to the Pergola.


Mercerdale Park

Abstract bronze sculpture on a steel pedestal.