WWWalks Copenhagen

WWWalks Copenhagen

Here's your green key to visiting Copenhagen and surrounding rural areas in a 50 km radius, all at your own pace, off the beaten track and infinitetly reachable by public transport - naturally.

Copenhagen wishes to be one of the first CO2 neutral capital cities in the world by 2025, the WWWalks app illustrates with a green-goldmine of simple to understand, unique, socially-distanced and eco-friendly walking tours how this very sustainable country aims to achieve this.

Why's it special to walk the WWWalk? No more plastic souvenirs of the Little Mermaid; you get to take home knowledge, ideas and a new vision of how you can be carbon neutral and much kinder to the planet - the Danish way.

We'll look at the cycling culture, windmills, ecovillages, battery-powered boats, renewable energy, recycling, and organic farming. We believe in balance, and the app also gives you a foundation in Danish social history, art, architecure, history, cuisine and popular culture.

Each of the three tours comes with an interactive geolocative map marked with stops where you can listen to specially researched audio stories, watch videos or enjoy photographs about buildings, landmarks, landscapes, incentives or historical figures. We'll also give you recommendations on organic eateries, accomodation, cultural events and products.

"Go on, give it a gå!"

(Gå means walk in Danish)