1996 - Superflyte

Mainstay of the route

Superflyte, along with Quickcat, is the main commuter ferry in use by Fullers.

Both boats were commissioned by the ferry company after market research revealed that what Waiheke Islanders wanted most in their ferries were large, fast, stable boats, with the ability to take on and offload passengers quickly.

Vital stats

When built - 1996

Built by who – WaveMaster International, Henderson WA

Hull material – Aluminium

Length/Beam/Draft/ Disp – Length 41m, Beam 12m, Draft 2.5m, Disp 578

Size of engines – 2x main engines at 1820 kilowatt each

Period in service on the Matiatia run – 19 years

Number of passengers/crew - 650 passengers, 1 Master, 1 engineer, 1 Service Supervisor, 5 x OBS ( 8 total crew).