Public art at Alison Park

Works migrate from the headlands to the park

A number of works from previous headland Sculpture on the Gulf exhibitions can be seen around the island.

At Alison Park, at the head of the Matiatia Valley, there are:

Comfort Stops by Peter Lange from the 2011 exhibition;

A Decade of Rain by Mark Whyte (2003);

Paratene Matchitt's Ringatu III (2005);

Slit by Charlotte Fisher (2007);

Flotsam by local artist Paul Radford (2009).

They were purchased for the community by previous Waiheke Local Boards.

  • <p>A mounted horseman, <em>Ringitau III </em>(2005) by Paratene Matchitt.</p>
  • <p>Paul Radford's <em>Flotsam</em> was popular at the 2009 <em>headland Sculpture on the Gulf</em> exhibition.</p>
  • <p><em>Comfort Stops</em> - these surprisingly comfortable seats are by ceramic artist Peter Lange.</p>
  • <p><em>Slit</em> by Charlotte Fisher (foreground), and <em>Decade of Rain</em> by Mark Whyte visible in the distance.</p>

Where is it?

Alison Park is at the corner of Oceanview Road and Mako St - the first intersection on the right, up the hill from the Matiatia Ferry terminal.