Headland Sculpture on the Gulf

Art, occasionally...

...and permanently

Every two years in January, the southern headlands of Matiatia Bay host headland Sculpture on the Gulf – an exhibition of outdoor contemporary sculpture, showing the works of Waiheke, New Zealand and international artists (see link).

It was the first such exhibition in New Zealand, and has grown to be the premier event of its kind in the country.

Many of the headland works have been purchased by people on the island, and so can be seen from points along the Te Ara Hura walkway.

Also, the Waiheke Local Board has a tradition of purchasing one work from each exhibition, for public display on the island. Some of these works have been installed at Alison Park (see linked story).

  • <p>Paul Radford's <em>Flotsam</em> was popular as a photo opprtunity at the 2009 exhibition. The work is now at Alison Park in Oneroa on Waiheke Island.</p>
  • <p>Matt Akehurst's You Are Here directed people at the 2011 exhibition to other famous art sites around the world. In the background (the red and white stripes) is Grant Palliser's Dear Liza (there's a hole in my bucket).</p>
  • <p>Winner of the Peoples' Choice award at the 2015 exhibition was James Wright's <em>Target</em>. The work symbolised his five attempts to be accepted to the show, and his success in finally being selected.</p>
  • <p><em>CROSS (ROAD),</em> Leon van den Eijkel's work at the 2009 exhibition.</p>
  • <p>From the 2015 exhibtion, Waiheke artist Anah Dunsheath's S<em>ee You See Me</em> naturally encouraged many more mobile phone selfies.</p>
  • <p>Audrey Boyle's soft fence at the 2015 exhibition invited viewers to re-arrange the strands.</p>