City of Pleasanton

Pleasanton is a community of over 83,000 people, situated in the Tri-Valley region of the Bay Area in Northern California. A lively community, our resident population is still growing. And as Pleasanton grows, its population diversifies.

Not so long ago, meadowlarks graced our valley with their beautiful songs. Over two hundred and fifty years ago, elk, grizzly bears, cougars, salmon, coyotes, reptiles of all kinds wandered the landscape. Our now golden hills were clothed by perennial grasslands and heaps of colorful wildflowers. Majestic oak trees, sycamores, buckeyes, California bunch grass surrounded a large lagoon which nourished tule, sedges, and a myriad of wildlife.

Ohlone peoples inhabited most of the San Francisco Bay Area with their traditional territory extending as far as present-day Monterrey for thousands of years before European settlement in the 1700s. Pleasanton sits on the unceded land of the Chochenyo speaking Ohlone people. Today, Ohlone peoples honor their ancestors, preserve ancestral knowledge and practices, and continue to share their heritage with the community.

The advent of the Spanish in 1772 and establishment of the mission system brought enormous changes to the Ohlone and the valley. The Ohlone were aggressively incorporated and absorbed into the life of the mission. Over time, different groups of people changed the landscape to meet their needs. Spanish settlement and gold brought an influx of immigrants to the valley. Fortunate with rich soil Pleasanton soon became the agriculture center for the Amador Valley and home to the oldest horse racing track in the nation. A home for people of all walks of life, Pleasanton has a deep-rooted history of change through its agriculture, business, and development practices.

The city of Pleasanton is home to a wealth of art, history, and cultural activities and experiences. A city of innovation and progress, Pleasanton is dedicated to inspiring the lives of the community by sharing stories, remembering our history, and celebrating diversity. As you stroll through historic downtown and explore the stunning foothills, the vibrancy of the community comes to life. Community spaces, historical landmarks, and countless works of public art provide a space where visitors of all backgrounds can come together to explore Pleasanton’s past, share its present, and imagine its future. We hope you take part in appreciating, celebrating, and preserving Pleasanton’s heritage.