WCU - Intercultural Affairs

WCU - Intercultural Affairs


Intercultural Affairs (ICA) works with all members of the University to provide a campus environment where students from different backgrounds and culture groups feel appreciated, respected and valued. Through educational, social, and leadership programs, ICA promotes inclusive values of social justice and human dignity while preparing students to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.

Our goal is to engage the WCU community, foster the exchange of ideas between students, faculty and staff, and enlighten our campus community.


The ICA Advisory Board is a standing committee composed of faculty, staff and graduate students. They meet several times during the academic year to provide guidance, support and feedback for ICA with the goal of enhancing the programs and services provided by Intercultural Affairs. ICA Council serves as the student lead branch of the department. The council hosts various events and programs throughout the academic year to foster diversity and inclusion within the student body. They also help plan many of the large-scale events that the department is responsible for.