Sweet Suite for Downtown Kent


Town Square Plaza 2nd Ave N. & W. Harrison Street Kent, WA 98032


When Elizabeth Conner first proposed “Sweet Suite for Downtown Kent”, Linda Denny, longtime Kent Arts Commissioner and retired Instructional Assistant from the Kent School District, shared a story about how she used to come down to Kent to gather the pods to take back to the classroom. “When we did units on seeds I brought all different kinds of seeds for them to compare/contrast. The kids were always intrigued by the shape, size and prickliness and wanted to have a sweet gum pod to take home”. While some sweet gum trees have been removed in the historic district because the roots were shallow, new sweet gum trees were planted at the park more than two years ago.

Sweet Suite for Downtown Kent

"Sweet Suite for Downtown Kent" consists of five sculptures. The shape of the sculptures is inspired by the pods of the sweet gum tree.